Dedicated Salmon Export


The white-tailed eagle – Havørn – is a common sight along the coast of Norway, especially in and around Rørvik, where we are based. It has become a strong symbol of the coastal culture and the nature around us.

Havørn is dedicated to salmon export. In all we do, we aim to be dedicated, persistent and reliable.
This is something our customers from all around the world appreciate.

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Atlantic Salmon is a versatile product and we aim to provide our customers with what they demand. Our products include whole gutted salmon, salmon filets and products tailored according to your specifications. We are looking forward to handling your requests.

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Great tasting salmon are sourced from all over Norway, where it has been sustainably farmed in cold clear waters.

On request we provide ASC or Global Gap certified product.

Havørn has customers all around the world. We would be happy to handle your requests and support you in sourcing the best seafood from Norway.

7900 Rørvik, Norway